[Samba] samba on ubuntu 22 lts breaks after unattended-upgrade

Jakob Curdes jc at info-systems.de
Mon Apr 17 10:43:52 UTC 2023

Hi all,

sorry for not reacting earlier, but I was out of IT over Easter. Thank 
you very much for your answers.

This is an Ubuntu 20 system, not 22 as I wrote earlier.

The only way I found to solve this is to do the following:

apt-get remove samba samba-common samba-libs winbind libldb2
apt-get install libldb2  samba samba-common samba-libs winbind
samba-tool  -V
root at srv-u-dc2:~# samba-tool  -V

Question: is the LDB version change something that would break a DC-DC 
relation if the version differs during updating? We have two DCs and do 
not want to nuke the working one by updating the second...

Thank you again very much for helping!

Jakob Curdes

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