[Samba] Samba-ad-dc service stops with segfault error

Anantha Raghava raghav at exzatechconsulting.com
Sat Apr 8 03:31:32 UTC 2023

Hello Douglas,

Thanks for your quick reply.

To give you more details:

We have a virtual server environment on Nutanix. We have had Samba 
4.15.9 running all the while on RHEL 8. Steps followed are as follows.

1. As a first steop, we demoted one of the Samba-DC from the cluster of 
5 servers.

2. We shutdown the running server from the cluster, just cloned this VM, 
removed Samba 4.15.9 (Basically removed /usr/local/samba folder),

3. Compiled the samba 4.18.1 from source and installed. During the 
installation process, ./configure went through smoothly. Make reported 
non availability of JSON.PM @INC. We corrected this problem and make 
went through without any errors and then run make install. Even make 
install went through without any errors.

4. We joined the new VM to running cluster and all replication services, 
authentication services, every thing started working normally, without 
any error.

5. Like above, we installed 3 servers and remaining two are still with 
version 4.15.9.

All three servers that went live with 4.18.1, had this problem all 
through last evening. As a first workaround step, we removed the 
anti-virus, and some monitoring agents that were installed on these 
servers, restarted samba-ad-dc service and kept the server under 
observation. We thought these agents may be interfering with samba-ad-dc 
service. (We took this step as we had observed similar behaviour when 
these agents were first installed). Once these agents are removed, 2 of 
the 3 samba servers are running without any service disruption. Whereas 
on 1 server, once the service went down with the error shown in log.

Hope the above gives you required information and details.

Thanks & Regards,


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On 08/04/23 8:26 am, Douglas Bagnall wrote:
> On 8/04/23 14:13, Anantha Raghava via samba wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Just yesterday, we installed the new samba version - 4.18.1 - and 
>> configured AD domain controllers. Samba service started without any 
>> issues. But with in 10 minutes of starting the service entered failed 
>> state. Restarting the service is also resulting in the same issue. 
>> Service enters failed state with in 15-20 minutes
>> I have deployed samba on RHEL 8.
>> When the service enters the failed state, we logs shows as follows. 
>> How do we fix it?
>> #2 /usr/local/samba/lib/private/libgenrand-samba4.so(smb_panic+0x18) 
>> [0x7f61768d27be]
> This suggests to me that you don't have a recent gnutls installed, or 
> gnutls is suffering some kind of crisis, perhaps thinking it lacks 
> entropy.
> I don't know how you could manage to not have recent enough gnutls on 
> RHEL 8, but perhaps if you provide details of how you installed Samba, 
> on what hardware, etc, someone will tell you where it went wrong.
> cheers,
> Douglas

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