[Samba] samba Digest, Vol 244, Issue 2

Paul Leiber paul at onlineschubla.de
Sun Apr 2 12:57:31 UTC 2023

On 01-04-2023 20:38, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
 > On 01/04/2023 19:10, Gary Dale via samba wrote:
 >> I tried using Samba once rather than NFS but that broke things. I 
keep my mail on the server and Thunderbird didn't work properly. 
Reverting to NFS fixed that. Also, Samba shares seemed slower and less 
reliable. NFS just works.
 > I use Thunderbird on a Unix domain member and apart from an annoying 
Thunderbird bug, everything works okay.

I don't know if this plays a role for this discussion or if it is still 
the case, but when using Dovecot as MDA, using a cifs/samba share for 
the mailbox is not recommended per Dovecot documentation:



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