[Samba] old ACL on member server

Nicolas Canonne me at electronico.nc
Fri Sep 30 20:12:46 UTC 2022

Hi all,

2 ubuntu 20.04 servers : 1 DC, 1 FileServer

DC as been setup with a fresh install

FS was previousely setup as (unrecommanded) FileServer on DC (it was the 
only server)

FS uses EXT4

(sorry I don't have smb.conf and links at hand right now)

Old Samba files have been removed prior to re-install Samba on FS (samba 

FS joigned domain OK, GPO and such are well applied, troubles occurs 
with ACLs on FS

Domain users/groups are well listed using getent passwd / group on FS

It seems that old ACLs (with GUID in the 300 000 range used in previous 
samba config) are still showing using getfacl

1) Is there a 'magic' way to remove these old ACL on file system and 
restore default ones ?

It looks like I should stop the shares on FS, create new folders and 
configure them with correct ACLs,  tranfer old files to the new shares.

2) Is it the way to go ?

I will post details infos soon, this is just a general question, thanks 
for your understanding


NEW-CALEDONIA (South Pacific)

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