[Samba] Using Force Group with AD Group

Eddie Rowe eddie.rowe at tdhca.state.tx.us
Sat Sep 24 22:42:31 UTC 2022

Can we use the "force group" option to specify an Active Directory group similar to how we can with "valid users" and "write list" on Linux (I saw that this is not supported at all on BSD when I searched the archives)?  I ask because the man page for "force group" specifically says it is a Unix group name and prepending the "+" character seems to have a different purpose (the entire flow of the other parameters is quite different).  In my limited testing if I set the "force group" permission to a local Linux group or trying to use the DOMAIN\DomainGroup results in the DOMAIN\Domain Users group being used in both cases.  I believe I can accomplish something similar by setting the group +s (SGID) on the folder that the Samba share points to causes the files being created to have AD group that I would like to always use.

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