[Samba] Usernames in /etc/passwd vs domain (Domain Member Setup)

Eddie Rowe eddie.rowe at tdhca.state.tx.us
Sat Sep 24 17:43:39 UTC 2022

I think the issue is most likely the result of junior system admins implementing Samba without having a better understanding of the myriad of options.  I can certainly see how someone could jump from the initial basic setup where you create local accounts and then add winbind so users don't need another password.  Another possibility is that some Linux distributions provide tools to help with a Samba setup that modify smb.conf, but what happens when they get it wrong?  The Samba book I used to get oriented uses language like "You may wish to deploy a Samba server with no preexisting Unix account infrastructure" so you could certainly infer there is nothing wrong with using the same user names.  The Samba wiki site for setting up a domain member says to not use the same names in /etc/passwd as the domain which I am grateful for someone adding that to the documentation.

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Perhaps we should have such a wiki page (are you offering to write it ?), But it should have something like this at the top:


In very big letters.

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