[Samba] [lustre-discuss] Odd "File exists" behavior when copy-pasting many files to an SMB exported Lustre FS

Björn JACKE bjacke at SerNet.DE
Fri Sep 23 17:53:54 UTC 2022

On 2022-09-22 at 09:38 -0700 Jeremy Allison via samba sent off:
> > So samba would need to take into account that not all filesystems
> > support extended attributes as a whole but might support some
> > operations on them but not others.
> No, that way lies insanity and unmaintainable complexity in
> Samba. Blame POSIX (again) for not standarizing EA behavior.

sorry, but POSIX is not to blame here. NFS4 ACLs are the only standardized ACL
implementation. The is no such thing as "POSIX ACLs". POSIX ACLs have always
only been a draft. The draft was never finalized. All the UNIX falvours
implemented different draft version, this is also why it does not make any
sense to talk about a POSIX ACL standard here. Some implement for example DENY
ACEs, some don't. Some implement default ACEs, some don't. Some implement a
access mask, some don't. All of them are completely proprietary. In our Samba
documentation we still give the implession that POSIX ACLs are a kind of
standard. Honestly however, this is only the limited Linux proprietary version
that we document and implement.

All UNIX flavors (except for Linux however) support actually *standardized*
NFS4 ACLs. They were standardized by the same people to withdrew the previously
proposed POSIX ACL drafts.

I see more and more customers running into the limitation, that neither the
Linux SMB nor the NFS4 client implmentations satisfy their needs because NFS4
ACLs are non-existing in the Linux world and the management of NFS4 ACLs on
POSIX clients, even if supported server-side, is a pita. Frankly speaking, for
the majority of Samba fileserver setups actually Linux is no longer the
recommended platform. There is *one* good reason, why NAS vendors prefer
FreeBSD these days: the lack of NFS4 ACLs.

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