[Samba] Samba 4 without winbind

Shannon Price pricesw at auburn.edu
Sun Sep 18 15:46:56 UTC 2022

Thank you for the response, Rowland.  Very helpful and we would like to move to a more modern setup.

Your suggestion to move to AD means getting rid of NIS, correct?  Using the users and groups from AD rather than NIS.  I agree that this would be a better place to be, but have never been clear about the transition since our infrastructure has been based on NIS for so long. Can I simply run some Samba servers in the old style while converting others to all AD? Because of NFS back-end, our multiple Samba servers can serve the same files - \\SAMBA1\homes and \\SAMBA2\homes can all find my home directory.  I think that Winbind handles the ID mapping between SIDs and UIDs, but I have not idea how that would work across multiple Samba servers doing things differently.


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On 17/09/2022 16:17, Shannon Price via samba wrote:
> We support our Windows clients via Samba since the 1990s. Our main infrastructure is NIS/NFS to support our servers and Linux clients. We have Samba using ADS for authentication for many years, but our users and groups still come from NIS. Our last Samba server is running on Ubuntu 18 (Samba 4.7.6) and is rock solid using smbd/nmbd.  Our newest Samba server is running on Ubuntu 20.04 (Samba 4.11.6 - we found severe problems with the current versions: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/1954342 and have pinned Samba at 4.11.6 for now).  We're running it the same way we always have - the machine is ADS joined (net join ads ....). I experimented with winbind for quite a while, but we don't need AD groups or user attributes, so it seems unnecessary and we couldn't get our NIS groups to work when we did that even trying to monkey with nsswitch.conf using nis for groups.

NIS is dead.
The link you provided refers to an old way of doing things, NT4-style domains aren't dead yet, but they are staggering along on their last legs.

 From Samba 4.8.0 if security is set to 'domain' or 'ads' you must run winbind.

> The problem now is only that I have full access to everything with unqualfied names (\\SERVER\homes<file://SERVER/homes> works), but FQDN (\\server.domain.edu\homes<file://server.domain.edu/homes>) doesn't work and the debug logs show that Samba wants winbind whenever I talk to the server with FQDN.
> Logs with FQDN:
> [2022/09/17 08:40:16.941558,  0] ../../source3/auth/auth_winbind.c:120(check_winbind_security)
>    check_winbind_security: winbindd not running - but required as 
> [2022/09/17 08:40:16.943204,  2] ../../source3/auth/auth.c:343(auth_check_ntlm_password)
>    check_ntlm_password:  Authentication for user [USERNAME] -> 
> authoritative=1
> [2022/09/17 08:40:16.943300,  2] 
> ../../auth/auth_log.c:635(log_authentication_event_human_readable)
> Logs without FQDN:
> (ipv4: connect to service 
> USERNAME initially as user USERNAME (uid=12345, gid=123) (pid 454545)
> [2022/09/17 10:15:38.595009,  0] 
> ../../source3/param/loadparm.c:3358(process_usershare_file)
> Smb.conf
> [global]
>          # workgroup and naming
>          workgroup = DOMAIN
>          netbios name = SAMBASERVERNAME
>          # server settings
>          interfaces = MY IP ADDRESS
>          bind interfaces only = yes
>          deadtime = 15
>          strict locking = no
>          # disable server ntlmv1 support
>          # require ntlmv2.1 or higher (windows 7 and up)
>          server min protocol = SMB2_10
>          client max protocol = SMB3
>          client min protocol = SMB2_10

You do not need the 'protocol' lines, from 4.11.0 the 'min' ones have been set to SMB2 and the max ones were set to SMB3 quite some time ago.

>          security = ads
>          password server = KERBEROS SERVER

You shouldn't set that, allow Samba to find the best one.

>          passdb backend = tdbsam
>          realm = DOMAIN.EDU
>          idmap config * : backend = tdb
>          idmap config * : range = 1000000-1999999

That is totally wrong, you do not '9999999' for the default domain and there should be lines for the 'DOMAIN' domain.

>          # browsing settings
>          domain master = no
>          local master = no
>          preferred master = no

I suggest you upgrade to AD as soon as possible.


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