[Samba] Using Samba with mass numebr of users

bugz at szummer.hu bugz at szummer.hu
Thu Sep 15 08:11:09 UTC 2022


There are a hungarian university with 20.000+ students. They using ~200+ 
Samba shares with custom ACL-s.

This service handed by Oracle Solaris currently, but the performance is 
wery poor, so the plan is move forward to Linux-based solution, and 
possibly upgrade the HW infrastructure, too.

I'm really courious your pont of view or experiene about this topic.

1.) If the university decice to move from Solaris, which Linux 
distribution is the most recommended? Debian/Ubuntu based, or 
CentOS/Alma based? Operation? Paid/community support? TCO?

2.) Likely the HW infrastructure will move from SPARC to AMD64 base. 
Have any formula, recommendation, experience, book or other idea that we 
can calculate the estimated HW configuration (CPU cores, memory, NIC, etc.)?

We use  Samba on a lot of place (and love it), but not under this load 
and not on Solaris.

Any opinion is warmly welcomed.


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