[Samba] Error in secondary supplement samba-4.13.17

深圳_极速e栈 2728481257 at qq.com
Tue Sep 13 06:33:50 UTC 2022


Compile and install samba-4.13.17 from source. After the installation and configuration are completed, the winbind startup status shows an error, and the ntlm_auth authentication fails.
Compile and install with the following command:
[root at myradius samba-4.13.17]# ./configure --disable-python --without-ad-dc
[root at myradius samba-4.13.17]# make && make install
Now only start smb and winbind

The same system version, when installed with yum, the startup status of winbind has no error prompt, but the ntlm_auth authentication also fails, and the prompt is the same as the source installation.
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Looking forward to your professional guidance.

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