[Samba] After upgrading from OpenSuse 15.3 to 15.4, Bind no longer starts with AD integrated zones

Zombie Ryushu zombie_ryushu at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 31 21:23:43 UTC 2022

On 10/31/22 16:39, Kris Lou via samba wrote:
> If the version of Bind changed, did you adjust the Samba DLZ module
> location accordingly?
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/BIND9_DLZ_DNS_Back_End#Configuring_the_BIND9_DLZ_Module
> Kris Lou
> klou at themusiclink.net

I fixed one problem, but created another one:

022-10-31T17:22:18.835945-04:00 serenity named[5793]: samba_dlz: GENSEC 
backend 'fake_gssapi_krb5' registered
2022-10-31T17:22:18.892609-04:00 serenity named[5793]: samba_dlz: ldb: 
No encrypted secrets key file. Secret attributes will not be encrypted 
or decrypted
2022-10-31T17:22:18.892728-04:00 serenity named[5793]: samba_dlz:
2022-10-31T17:22:18.948859-04:00 serenity named[5793]: samba_dlz: 
started for DN DC=pukey
2022-10-31T17:22:18.948993-04:00 serenity named[5793]: samba_dlz: 
starting configure
2022-10-31T17:22:18.949821-04:00 serenity named[5793]: 
dns_rdata_fromtext: buffer-0x7f4845b99c40:1: near 'serenity..': empty label
2022-10-31T17:22:18.949906-04:00 serenity named[5793]: Failed to put rr
2022-10-31T17:22:18.949971-04:00 serenity named[5793]: zone pukey/NONE: 
could not find NS and/or SOA records
2022-10-31T17:22:18.950037-04:00 serenity named[5793]: zone pukey/NONE: 
has 0 SOA records
2022-10-31T17:22:18.950100-04:00 serenity named[5793]: zone pukey/NONE: 
has no NS records
2022-10-31T17:22:18.950181-04:00 serenity named[5793]: samba_dlz: Failed 
to configure zone 'pukey'
2022-10-31T17:22:18.950438-04:00 serenity named[5793]: loading 
configuration: bad zone

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