[Samba] invalid IP address??

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Oct 31 13:03:34 UTC 2022

On 31/10/2022 12:42, Michael Tokarev via samba wrote:
> Trying to debug why winbind can't resolve user ids.
> and come across an issue:
> $ samba-tool domain info
> ERROR: Invalid IP address ''!
> wtf?? :))
> is the loop back address for localhost, it is not the 
ipaddress of the domain, try the search again with the ipaddress of a DC

> Can't samba-tool domain info provide information about
> the "current" domain on local machine if no argument
> is specified? And why happened to become
> invalid, it is one of the most valid addresses? :)

Yes, its a valid IP, but for localhost.


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