[Samba] Samba 4.16 and 4.17 ubuntu focal and jammy packages

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Sat Oct 29 16:46:42 UTC 2022

29.10.2022 19:27, Rowland Penny via samba пишет:
> On 29/10/2022 17:14, Michael Tokarev wrote:
>> 29.10.2022 19:06, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>>> On 28/10/2022 11:28, Michael Tokarev via samba wrote:
>> ..
>>>> Now, there's one more question. Why it is so risky to upgrade
>>>> to a new samba "major" release?
>> ..
>>> Because Samba has an habit of removing, adding or changing things and this leads to old versions of things being left on disk and interfering with 
>>> the smooth running of Samba. One that springs to mind is the python 'time', Samba had its own version and then removed it, but the distros didn't.
>>> Starting with a new OS, also ensures that everything is correct and nothing 'old' is there.
>> Well, I completely disagree with you here.
>> I asked about real-life reasons why samba itself, - unrelated to
>> packaging errors - can not keep its own stuff up and running.
>> Not some theoretical issues and not obvious bug which happened
>> in the past, but something real.
>> Requiring to start anew each time something changes is completely
>> unreasonable. We cam and actually *do* better than that.
>> My question was mostly to Kees who seems to have better understanding
>> of things than you.
> I was only pointing out, that from experience, it is always better to start with fresh DC when upgrading to a major version of Samba '4.x.0'

Well, you rarely add "from your experience", you always express your opinions
like the only possible.

> But what do I know, I have only been here since 2012 and had the honour of joining the Samba team.

I never questioned your experience, ever.  But understanding != experience.

If it doesn't work, I'd love to know *why* it does not, and *fix* that, so
it actually works.

You suggest to start over if something happens. I love to find out *why* it
happened and be able to fix it.

> A Samba AD Domain leads to easily being capable of replacing DC's with new ones, without loosing any data.

Yes. The thing is that being easy to write a file does not mean whole OS
needs to be reinstalled once you write a new file.



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