[Samba] Samba 4.16 and 4.17 ubuntu focal and jammy packages

Kees van Vloten keesvanvloten at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 09:54:43 UTC 2022

On 28-10-2022 11:39, Michael Tokarev wrote:
> 28.10.2022 12:30, Kees van Vloten wrote:
> ..
>> Generally a next Debian release does not have usable packages for the 
>> current release, because of dependencies on newer package versions of 
>> almost everything including things like libc.
> I meant the bpo mechanism, it works fairy well.
> ...
>> Since you have already done the work for Ubuntu, it is probably not a 
>> lot of work to provide the same for Bullseye and as said it does 
>> provide a lot of value in the upgrade process of this critical piece 
>> of software.
> Heh. I do build for Debian *first*, *before* building stuff for Ubuntu :)
> Actually I want to upload to Debian first, before building/uploading
> stuff to the ubuntu repository.
> But having exactly the same version of a package both in official
> Debian repository and in external Debian repository makes apt a
> bit frustrated (and in Debian the packages will be rebuilt, so
> binaries will be different, - at least the timestamps will be
> new). And I don't want to touch version number without actual
> source changes.
> Speaking of your delayed way to upgrade, - you can stick to a
> particular Debian version of whole system and install bpo version
> of samba on it, or you can install bpo version of samba before
> eg bullseye->bookworm upgrade (so samba packages will be the
> same after system upgrade), and so on, - there are numerous
> options.

I always use the current stable Debian version. My comment was 
specifically pointed at he Samba versions on the domain-controllers. 
There I want to be able to determine moment of the upgrade from 4.16 to 
4.17, watch what happens and test it to be sure not to get into the all 
broken domain-controllers situation.

Your comment on identical versions in multiple repos makes sense.
I have already really extensive apt-pinning in place to ensure the 
packages come a particular repo, I guess most people do not do that and 
it would lead to a lot of questions on the this list...

The one way out to maintain controlled Samba upgrades right now is to 
use your Ubuntu Focal repos, since Focal is originally based on Bullseye 
that is likely to work, at least it has the right versions in its 
dependencies for Bullseye. But yeah, it sounds like a dirty hack, not 
really the way I want to go.

> Thanks,
> /mjt

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