[Samba] Remote Desktop problem after upgrading samba AD DC to 4.16.5

Oliver Freyd Oliver.Freyd at iontof.com
Wed Oct 26 11:27:27 UTC 2022


I'm running a network with 2 samba AD DCs that were on 4.12.15 on debian 
buster (debian 10, oldstable).

Because of the Win11 22H2 bug I upgraded one of the DCs to samba 4.6.5 
on debian bullseye, via the samba package from bullseye-backports.

This DC has one problem though, when people connect to their Windows 
machines via RDP the connection fails when this DC is used (verified 
that by switching off the old DC and only using the new one), it seems 
the password authentication does not work correctly, RDP will should the 
username/password dialog repeatedly...

This happens only when the RDP connection is made with the DNS-name of 
the client machine, the connection works if one connects with the IP of 
the client machine.

Checking with wireshark I see a kerberos error: KRB5KDC_ERR_TGT_REVOKED

Another weird thing is that yesterday I re-joined that new DC, and 
temporarily everything worked fine, only after a day or so it fails again.
Any ideas on how I could debug this issue?

best regards,

Oliver Freyd

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