[Samba] [EXT] Re: Samba server name change and aliases

Shannon Price pricesw at auburn.edu
Tue Oct 25 21:14:15 UTC 2022

(correct "DOMAIN" is the placeholder for the correct NETBIOS domain name)

The server has a generic hostname (e.g. SERVER001) and I do use a CNAME for the preferred Samba server name (or multiple CNAMES - e.g. ITCHY and SCRATCHY), I guess when I "net ads join" the machine, it will join as "SERVER001" and that will be the only AD object? I don't need AD objects for ITCHY and SCRATCHY as well?


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On 25/10/2022 21:50, Shannon Price via samba wrote:
> We use "security=ads" and also "idmap config DOMAIN : backend = ad".  When my server has a netbios name and also one or more netbios aliases, do I need to "net ads join" all of the possible names, or only the primary netbios name?
> Secondly, if I remove/add a netbios name, does anything need to be purged between the name change: "net cache flush" or removing any .TDB files?
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> Shannon Price

I take it that 'DOMAIN' is the placeholder for the correct NetBIOS domain name (aka workgroup).

Every Samba Unix domain member has a netbios name (the computers short hostname in capitals), but you do not need to set the 'netbios name = XXXXX' line in smb.conf, Samba will do it for you.

You also should not be using 'netbios aliases' in a Unix domain members smb.conf, you should set CNAME's in AD dns, Samba no longer uses NetBios or wins.


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