[Samba] 4.17?

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Oct 21 23:42:07 UTC 2022

Mini-thread hijack...
I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the list, but this caught my attention.
I'm using 4.15.x from Louis' packages on Ubuntu.
And I didn't realize that he was mostly stopping updates. (I need to pay more attention, eh!?)
So, I'm probably going to need to make alternate arrangements...
So suggestions for staying on Ubuntu, and migrating from Louis' 4.15.x to something that will likely be maintained longer term?
If I can't stay on Ubuntu, I assume Debian might work, given the discussion - can someone flesh that out more for me?

> On 21/10/2022 19:35, Michael Tokarev via samba wrote:

>> 21.10.2022 16:49, Lorenzo Milesi via samba wrote:

>>>> I would not expect to see any package updates from Louis for sometime.

>>> I'd like to try building packages, at least for the Debian family >> distributions. I'm not great at packaging, but I did build some .debs >> in the past, so I'd like to give it a try. And now that I know Michael >> is on the channel, I might ping him for issues :D
>>> What exactly do you want to achieve?
>>> For debian itself I do provide backport of current samba for the stable > distribution,
>> for stable systems. It is not the latest - like there's no 4.17 for > bullseye currently
>> (as in $subject), but it will be available once it feels like 4.17 is > settled down a
>> bit.  I think debian is "covered".

>>> There's no issue whatsoever to provide backports for ubuntu, it is > trivial to do, I
>> can build and upload them to my site if there's a need - together with > debian packages.
>> Ubuntu tend to perform some modifications (like branding and changes to > default smb.conf),
>> which definitely aren't mandatory, - just a rebuild of debian package on > ubuntu will do
>> the trick.

>>> I don't think there's a real need to provide older samba versions (eg > 4.15 currently,
>> or 4.16 once 4.17 is available). Also I don't think there's a real need > to provide current
>> samba packages for older distributions (eg debian buster) - maybe, just > maybe the ubuntu
>> lts, but even that one is questionable, - maybe ubuntu guys can do this > rather easy work.

>>> Is there anything else I'm missing?
>>> Thanks,
>>> /mjt
> Hi Michael, I think the problem is that to users, Debian 10 seemed to get stuck on samba 4.9.5, which is where Louis came in. He needed later versions of Samba for his work and he made them available to anyone else that required them.

> Now that you have stated that Debian will provide later versions of Samba via backports (something that is much appreciated), I see no reason for external Samba repos, which, because of reasons I will not go into, is a good thing, I doubt that Louis will be updating his repo in the near future.

> Rowland

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