[Samba] 4.17?

Kees van Vloten keesvanvloten at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 21:23:52 UTC 2022

Louis has multiple versions in his repo, currently 4.14, 4.15, 4.16. 
Which means I can decide when I want to upgrade to a newer version by 
changing the sources.list. That way I can plan and test the upgrades.

I do not see the repo is down, it is accessible right now, however it is 
slowly getting out-of-date.

Another thing he did is to enable some extra features on top of the 
Debian standard.

I asked him in the past (in 2020) to compile the packages with "enable 
profiling", so that "smbstatus -P: will work. This is a required of 
netdata to monitor Samba. And he added that to hist packages, pretty cool.

- Kees.

On 21-10-2022 21:13, Lorenzo Milesi via samba wrote:
>> What exactly do you want to achieve?
> Louis used to provide an APT repo for Debian 10 and 11, and for Ubuntu LTS, with the currently supported Samba versions.
> This means he was providing the latest stable versions of Samba for the current stable versions of Debian and Ubuntu.
> My main goal would be to restore something like this, that is a repo for Deb 10+11 and Ubuntu 20+22, with Samba 4.{15,16,17}, and keeping it up to date with Samba releases.
>> For debian itself I do provide backport of current samba for the stable
>> distribution,
>> for stable systems. It is not the latest - like there's no 4.17 for bullseye
>> currently
>> (as in $subject), but it will be available once it feels like 4.17 is settled
>> down a
>> bit.  I think debian is "covered".
> I understand your point, which is correct on the distro side. Unfortunately, this doesn't always match the vendor side, which requires you to run a "stable" version of the software to get support.
>> There's no issue whatsoever to provide backports for ubuntu, it is trivial to
>> do, I
>> can build and upload them to my site if there's a need - together with debian
>> packages.
>> Ubuntu tend to perform some modifications (like branding and changes to default
>> smb.conf),
>> which definitely aren't mandatory, - just a rebuild of debian package on ubuntu
>> will do
>> the trick.
> That would be great! If you could also have a repo for it, so that others can participate, it would be great.
>> I don't think there's a real need to provide older samba versions (eg 4.15
>> currently,
>> or 4.16 once 4.17 is available). Also I don't think there's a real need to
>> provide current
>> samba packages for older distributions (eg debian buster) - maybe, just maybe
>> the ubuntu
>> lts, but even that one is questionable, - maybe ubuntu guys can do this rather
>> easy work.
> I'll be glad to participate, but as previously said, I lack knowledge. I can probably even find a server for storing the apt repo, if needed. And for building as well.
> Louis repo was covering several distros and samba version, and was very useful for that. I'd like to have that opportunity back.
> Thank you

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