[Samba] 4.17?

Lorenzo Milesi lorenzo.milesi at yetopen.com
Fri Oct 21 20:03:04 UTC 2022

> Great for what? Why someone wants to stick with 4.16 or 4.15?

For whatever reason I don't strictly need to know. What's the issue with this?
Why so much discussion over an optional opportunity?

>> Current goal: provide Samba packages (possibly via apt repo) for stable and
>> maintenance for Debian 11, Ubuntu 20 and 22.
> What does "stable and maintenance" mean?  Like 4.15 and 4.16?

As per the posted link, stable is 4.17 and maintenance is 4.16, at this moment.
Adding 4.15 which is still in security fixes, would really be the top.

> Again, what for? to have a big collection to show to someone? What *practical*
> reason it provides?

apt-get install --reinstall my-old-version?
Again, what's the problem with this. I tend to be a collector, yes, that's true. So what? Do we need to discuss further on this?

If it's possible to provide an apt repo with .16 and .17 for Deb11, Ubuntu20 and 22 it's just fine. Not fine, but GREAT for many people on this list who relied on Louis' work.
That's it.
If you're able and you're willing to do so on your own, then thank you.
If not, I'll be really grateful if you can support or guide this project.

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