[Samba] smb browse and V1

David Mulder dmulder at samba.org
Thu Oct 20 16:16:13 UTC 2022

On 10/20/22 9:53 AM, Peter Carlson via samba wrote:
> gnome is desired because we will //probably// start using adsys to add 
> ubuntu GPOs  (/*unless someone here yells at me for even thinking it*/)
> What are my options?
> 1) use smb://filesvr/<sharname> to connect, requires that the share 
> name be known
> *2) use mount.cifs - not super user friendly for windows users using 
> xRDP server.  currently I have done mount.cifs and I create directory 
> ~/filesvr and place sym links to the shares.  This works great for a 
> small server with few shares, but is quickly un-scaleable
> 3) use kde - dolphin works, but their config files are harder to 
> manage using logon scripts / GPO, so not likely
> 4) lower min version to SMB1 - not likely to happen!
> Others: Are there other options that I am missing?
Would you be able to do this as machine specific shares? Or are you 
mounting user specific shares?

I could throw together a simple Samba GPO for mounting machine shares. 
This would allow you to mount as root via winbind. I started working on 
this a while back, but never finished it. If you are willing to test 
something, I could throw something together.

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