[Samba] smb browse and V1

David Mulder dmulder at samba.org
Thu Oct 20 16:11:22 UTC 2022

On 10/20/22 10:07 AM, Peter Carlson via samba wrote:
> Yes that is the problem and I /think/ I acknowledged that in my 
> original email, sorry if I didn't.  mount.cifs is an option as I wrote 
> in my original email, and is in fact what we are currently doing.  But 
> this is not sustainable in a larger deployment, doesn't tie in well 
> with GPO and cant be done by a user.
Oh, sorry. I didn't read your email thoroughly. FYI, from my 
understanding Ubuntu's adsys is essentially abandoned and nobody seems 
to be able to get it to work.

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