[Samba] Debian. recommended way to migrate Samba DC from stable to backport ?

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Thu Oct 20 07:16:09 UTC 2022

18.10.2022 01:04, Dr. Nicola Mingotti via samba wrote:
> I tried to "over-install" the backport on the existing stable samba package but it gives me a few errors
> ---------------------
> $> sudo apt install  samba/bullseye-backports

You only ask apt to install this particular version of a single package.
But this can't be done because - as it told you - it depends on a bunch
of other packages. All these packages are part of samba and are also
available in bullseye-backports.

The proper way to install something from debian backports is to use -t
argument of apt:

  apt install -t bullseye-backports samba

This way it will be able to install/upgrade all the dependencies too.

> . Should i uninstall the "samba" stable package before ?

It doesn't matter. If you don't uninstall it, your configuration will
most likely be preserved. If you uninstall it, you'll have to configure
it again, - but this also depends on the way how you uninstall, eg,
with purge, dpkg will erase all configuration.

> . If I uninstall the "samba" package will all my domain configuration be lost ?

Most likely yes, at least I never tested the upgrade process from
uninstalled previous version.

> . Should I install the required dependencies for the backport package by hand or will apt do alone as usual ?

You can do that manually if you like to.

> . Any other suggestion from your experience ?
It is exactly the same thing with any other samba upgrade.
Samba is not debian-specific.


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