[Samba] Change (fix) idmap config

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Oct 14 17:23:12 UTC 2022

On 14/10/2022 18:14, Lorenzo Milesi via samba wrote:
>> The ID changes when I run a "ls" in a dir where files/dir are assigned to the
>> "domain users" group
> I manually changed the uid with chgrp and chown and the "phantom ID" seems to have gone away.

I did say that it would change all your user & group ID's, perhaps I 
should have said that this would only affect the database, but it 
wouldn't wouldn't change the file and directory ID's on disc, they would 
still belong to the old incorrect ID numbers.

> If there's anything else I should check... Thanks

No, I just need to remember that nobody can see inside my head and I 
need to specify things a bit more.


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