[Samba] Samba does not replicate attributes added via ldbmodify

Ralf Spenneberg ralf at spenneberg.net
Thu Oct 13 06:21:12 UTC 2022

Hi Andrew,

Am 13.10.22 um 08:14 schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
>>> (And don't worry, it is not case sensitive and is self-correcting of
>>> case, if Samba accepts the modify it should replicate, as long as you
>>> don't access the files under sam.ldb.d/ directly).
>> Well, the ldbmodify usedc was:
>> ldbmodify -v -H 'DC=AD,DC=DOMAIN,DC=DE.ldb' <
>> /root/replace-proxyAddresses.ldif
>> Does this count as modifying the files directly?
> Yes.  Your domain is now (subtly) corrupt.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200. ;-)
Ok, I already assumed something like that.
> The file to modify it the sam.ldb file in the directory above, this provides the correct interface.
So what would have been the correct command?
ldapmodify -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb < xxx.ldif?

> dbcheck might fix it.
I already ran dbcheck. But it did not help. Could I try to repair the 
replication by rejoining the backup dc?

Kind regards,


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