[Samba] accidentally upgraded DC to 4.17.3 ... didn't work

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Tue Nov 29 17:34:50 UTC 2022

25.11.2022 18:38, Stefan Weichinger via samba wrote:
> I am wondering why noone replies here.
> Do I miss some FAQ topic maybe?

It looks like no one knows what the problem is
and from which side to come to it - that's why.

A freshly built DC which has been successfully joined,
should not have problems with replication.

To be fair, myself, I completely lost track of what problem
do you have - was it a replication problem, or some timeout
when accessing sysvol, or something else entirely.  Either
way, I've no idea how you're able to manage to install a
non-working DC.

Again, I, for one, haven't seen this happen here (yet), -
my installs were unsuccessful at times, but this is always
due to one or another obvious reason, for example some
stale data somewhere in /var/lib/samba/ which I forgot
to remove before a (re)join (or - the one which Rownald
likes very much - forgot to update DNS adding the newly
joined DC :) ).  So I don't have much experience in this
area - dealing with a failing DC.

> As I read it in that other thread: maybe I have to copy that idmap ... ? Because basically that readded DC is a new DC ? If that's needed, why it isn't mentioned in the wiki article?

/var/lib/samba/private/idmap.tdb needs to be transferred
together with the sysvol replication. It *is* mentioned
in the wiki.  But this will not cause a timeout when
accessing this DC, - it will return something like EACCESS
(permission denied) right away, - the result, eg, a win10
client just isn't applying GPOs, that's all.


> Currently I turned that flaky DC off just to avoid clients timing out trying to access those non working shares.
> Thanks, Stefan

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