[Samba] accidentally upgraded DC to 4.17.3 ... didn't work

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Thu Nov 24 09:01:04 UTC 2022

24.11.2022 11:46, Stefan G. Weichinger via samba wrote:

> Hm, I see it in ps:
> # ps axf | egrep "winbindd"
>     5281 pts/0    S+     0:00          \_ grep -E winbindd
>     5153 ?        S      0:00  |   \_ samba: task[winbindd] pre-fork master
>     5159 ?        Ss     0:00  |           \_ /usr/sbin/winbindd -D --option=server role check:inhibit=yes --foreground
>     5186 ?        S      0:00  |               \_ winbindd: domain child [ARBEITSGRUPPE]

There's no idmap child in there. There should be 3 of them
(also domain child {builtin]);

>> You can also try stopping samba-ad-dc and run winbindd manually:
>>   /usr/sbin/winbindd -D --option="server role check:inhibit=yes" --foreground --debug=10
> (it's --debuglevel=10 ... just for someone googling this later)
> did that, it terminates with
> [2022/11/24 09:44:14.866713,  0, pid=5290, effective(0, 0), real(0, 0)] ../../lib/util/become_daemon.c:119(exit_daemon)
>    exit_daemon: daemon failed to start: Failed to create session, error code 1
> above that nothing special, just reading config and binding to eno1 and lo

Nope, That wont work, unfortunately.  It dies on me for an ad dc configuration
because OTHER parts of samba is not running. It can't be debugged like this.
My suggestion was completely wrong - including the hammer one.

Does anyone know how to debug this beast?

It doesn't log anything interesting when it fails, and it can't be started
manually without all the other parts of samba either.

Replacing /usr/sbin/winbindd with a wrapper script which runs winbindd under
strace? Is there other way?

> I will try that hammer in a moment, after sending this.

Nope. Please excuse me for this wrong suggestion. It wont work.


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