[Samba] Unable to access shares after upgrade to version 4.17.3

spindles seven spindles7 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 08:20:32 UTC 2022

On 23 November 2022 22:42 Michael Tokarev wrote:
> [the apt prob]
> Hmm.  But you did install samba 4.17 from bpo11 before already, didn't you?  I think
> the original question come after you upgraded to 4.17.3 to begin with (note the
> subject line).
> The thing is that this repository will not work for your armel arch, unless you did install
> samba from bpo on this machine already.
> Samba 4.17 requires updates for support packages: talloc, tevent & tdb.
> They're available in bpo for armel.  I didn't compile them for armel, because they're
> already available in bpo.
> For amd64 & i386, I built them and put them to the same repository because it was
> before 4.17 went to bpo, and because I wanted for regular users to just use a single
> repository. But since it's difficult for me to build for armel (very slow in an emulated
> environment), and because I knew you already using bpo so all the support
> packages are already installed from there, I just built samba itself...
> So that might be the mystery at hand: lack of recent enough libtdb/libtalloc/libtevent
> on your system..
> For armel with no tdb/talloc/tevent packages in my repository, the procedure is to
> install from backports as usual, and next upgrade just samba from my repository.  It
> is not a complete set for armel.
> I can make it complete, I just didn't think it will be necessary.
> Am I to the point or not?
Yes, I understand now.   What I did was to uninstall and purge the backports version 
of 4.17.3 and all its dependencies in order to put the previous self-compiled version of 
4.17.2 back on.   This was to confirm that the problem was definitely caused by version.4,17.3,

So the solution was to re-install 4.17.3 from backports then upgrade to your version.
That has worked.   And I can confirm that the original problem is fixed.
I can access the share from both Windows and linux:

root at goflex:~# smbclient //goflex/images -U roy
Password for [MICROLYNX\roy]:
Try "help" to get a list of possible commands.
smb: \> quit

Many thanks for your help.


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