[Samba] AD-level DFS root

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Tue Nov 22 19:52:05 UTC 2022


Samba wiki about DFS says the domain-level DFS root does not work
in samba:


However, that information is from 2014 ("currently this doesn't work and requres a patch"

Has anyone know the state of this now? vfs_samba4 works and is already specified by
default, "regular" DFS root works fine, for a regular user too.

I found this


when trying to find a way to have site-specific servers:

  1. Create a DFS namespace for your shares, something like \\domain\users should do.

  2. Add both servers to this DFS root.

  3. Check the box so that clients prefer (or are required) to use a server
     located in their AD site. Yes, it's smart enough to determine this using
     subnets defined in AD Sites & Services

  4. Set up replication between the two shares using DFS-R.

  5. Make a GPO that redirects to \\domain\users and link it like you would
     any other OU. DFS is smart enough to refer them to the closest server
     based on info in AD Sites and Services.

The replication is understandable, and I don't even need one.

But the first 3 should be doable, no?  The tool used on windows
to configure the first 3 - it doesn't look like it works against
samba domain, but since the wiki is written (and it's an old
entry too), this is supposed to work *somehow* ?

(and if someone knows how to do 5, it'd be very interesting to know).



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