[Samba] Mac OS X Spotlight feature set Samba with Elasticsearch as a backend

Ralph Boehme slow at samba.org
Tue Nov 22 12:50:13 UTC 2022

Hello Daniël,

On 11/22/22 10:17, Daniël van der Wal via samba wrote:
> I have a question regarding the search options supported by the Samba
> Spotlight configuration with Elasticsearch as a backend: First of all
> it is a great enhancement for Mac OS X user who use a Samba share and
> search for Documents!
> What is needed to make it equally good / supporting the same search
> options as the native search in Mac OS X?

the current set of supported feautures can only be read from the mapping 
code which lives in:


and the supported attributes mappings in


Basically, much should work, some will not work. :)

> We believe we configured
> our Elasticsearch backend according to the documentation provided
> with the index systems fscrawler. But run into search limitations
> compared to the search feature-set Mac OS X supports in the native
> search index.
> We are looking for thefull set of filters for example kind:
> restricting dates and Search Operators like AND OR. 

dates should work as should expressions.

> Are we missing
> something or is this a know limitation? From what I read samba
> forwards the query to elasticsearch.
> As there are no plans on the roadmap, would the correct way to submit
> a patch or sponsor a developer?

Yes and yes! :)))


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