[Samba] Mac OS X Spotlight feature set Samba with Elasticsearch as a backend

Daniël van der Wal dvanderwal at macrec.ch
Tue Nov 22 09:17:27 UTC 2022

I have a question regarding the search options supported by the Samba Spotlight configuration with Elasticsearch as a backend:
First of all it is a great enhancement for Mac OS X user who use a Samba share and search for Documents!

What is needed to make it equally good / supporting the same search options as the native search in Mac OS X? 
We believe we configured our Elasticsearch backend according to the documentation provided with the index systems fscrawler. But run into search limitations compared to the search feature-set Mac OS X supports in the native search index.

We are looking for thefull set of filters for example kind: restricting dates and Search Operators like AND OR.
Are we missing something or is this a know limitation? From what I read samba forwards the query to elasticsearch. 

As there are no plans on the roadmap, would the correct way to submit a patch or sponsor a developer?

Thanks in advance for helping to find the right way enhance this search feature,

Daniël van der Wal

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