[Samba] R: R: R: R: R: R: windows 11 22h2

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Nov 22 07:57:41 UTC 2022

On 22/11/2022 07:35, Corrado Ravinetto wrote:
> Hi guys
> My situation
>          DC3     samba ver. 4.17.3 DC with FSMO role
>          DC2     samba ver. 4.17.3 DC
>          DC1     samba ver. 4.9.14 old DC ready to demote
> But i have a problem with replica thru DC2<->DC3 with (WERR_DS_DRA_ACCESS_DENIED)
> Replica from DC1 -> DC2 and DC3 is ok
> Before demote DC1 i would like have a correct replica 😊
> Below samba-tool drs showrepl for DC1,DC2 and DC3
> Any other suggestions or things to look at?
> Any help is appreciated.

Does each DC use its own ipaddress as the first nameserver in 
/etc/resolv.conf ?

If it does or changing it to do so doesn't help, try restarting Samba.

If all else fails, try adding this line to the DC's smb.conf:

dns update command = /usr/sbin/samba_dnsupdate --use-samba-tool

Restart Samba


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