[Samba] Unable to access shares after upgrade to version 4.17.3

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Tue Nov 22 06:22:19 UTC 2022

21.11.2022 21:34, spindles seven via samba wrote:
> Obviously for me armel, but I suspect that is the minority.

I left the build process overnight, it completed now.
Please check if the stuff at http://www.corpit.ru/mjt/packages/samba
bullseye/samba-4.17/ fixes the issue for you.

If it is, I'll push the same version to bpo, once unstable->testing
migration is complete.

> Perhaps armhf for the 32-bit raspberrypi's with Rasbian?

Unless there's a real demand for other architectures, I'll let
other architectures to build in the usual debian infrastructure
which might be more suitable for this. But it was fun to build
it anyway :)



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