[Samba] R: R: R: windows 11 22h2

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Nov 16 16:40:18 UTC 2022

On 16/11/2022 16:18, Corrado Ravinetto wrote:
>          > Hopefully, but it will definitely get you a much newer version of Heimdal and the chance to get your problem fixed (if it isn't fixed), you have no   chance of
>          > getting anything fixed on 4.9.x, it is EOL as far as samba is concerned.
> Then what we should do ?!?!?


Your problem sounds like it is the 'Windows feature', where how a date 
is used has changed, it used to use the year 2038, but now it uses an 
infinite date, this new 'date' does not work with the older version of 
Heimdal that came with Samba before 4.16.0 . Samba >= 4.16.0 uses a very 
recent version of Heimdal that can cope with the infinite date.

I said 'hopefully' because I am not the person sat between your chair 
and the keyboard and you haven't really given us much to work with, but 
it does sound like the 'date' problem.

You are currently using an EOL Samba version (from the Samba point of 
view) and if your problem isn't the 'date' problem, then you have no 
chance of getting it fixed. Upgrading Samba is the best thing to do, it 
should fix your problem, but if it doesn't (and I repeat, it should), 
you will be running a version of Samba that can be fixed.


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