[Samba] Directory Permissions for Share

Stefan Kania stefan at kania-online.de
Tue Nov 15 07:03:08 UTC 2022

If it is relay a Dropbox directory, that will never work, you can't 
share a Dropbox directory via SMB. I tried it several years ago and it 
did not work

Am 15.11.22 um 03:07 schrieb Rob Campbell via samba:
> If I make /home/user/Dropbox a share for a domain group, how far up the
> path does that domain group need to have permission?  I'm getting
> NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED listing \*.  I've given the group rwx permissions
> on everything in that dir.  I've even given r access on /home/user.  I've
> also tried giving r access to other on /home/user but still getting that
> error.
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