[Samba] Login From Domain

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Mon Nov 14 17:06:59 UTC 2022

14.11.2022 19:52, Rob Campbell via samba wrote:

>> It is done if you install libpam-winbind package, and if
>> you actually configured it.  The configuration utility is
>> invoked after libpam-winbind installation automatically.
> I installed 'apt install libpam-winbind'.  It installed but the
> configuration utility didn't run.  This is a fresh install of Debian 11.5.
> I did go through a similar config when installing the OS but I'm not sure
> if it was the same since that package wasn't actually installed.

In the libpam-winbind postinst script there's a single command:

   pam-auth-update --package

It's been there for quite some time, it is definitely present in
the bullseye version.

Run it manually now (without the arguments), it will let you
to configure pam-winbind too.  Without this, auth wont work.

Besides, pam-winbind from Debian 11 can't be installed on a
system where you have samba bits from bullseye-backports, since
there will be a version conflict.  Or should be anyway - if
it is installable together with samba components of different
versions, it's a bug which I should fix.  Please give some
details here :)



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