[Samba] Samba 4.16 and 4.17 ubuntu focal and jammy packages

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Fri Nov 11 06:43:14 UTC 2022

After some thought I'd add more points.

11.11.2022 09:07, Michael Tokarev via samba пишет:
> 11.11.2022 06:57, Peter Carlson via samba пишет:
>> 1) what's the difference between 2:4.17.2+dfsg-7 and 2:4.17.2+dfsg-2 ?
> See the debian/changelog file, as usual. It is unrealistic to answer to
> questions like this.

While the changelog does list stuff, it is usually quite difficult for the
end-user to understand what *actually* changed.  And in this very case, nothing
really changed, there were just packaging tweaks here and there, which is an
ongoing process.

>> 2) Doing an in place upgrade fails.
> It is not. Please learn to use apt.  You can't upgrade just one package
> without upgrading its required dependencies too.  This question has already
> been answered before several times, and it is not specific in any way to
> this repository.
> The proper way, just with the Debian backports for example, is to use -t
> option when installing/upgrading a "head" package from a non-default repository.
> with the argument being the "suite" you want to install from, like, in
> this case,
>   apt install -t ubuntu-22.04-jammy/samba-4.17 samba

And this is something which I think needs changing back.  I'll make the
repository to be considered automatically by apt, by raising its priority
to the value usual for regular single-package Ubuntu PPAs. Right now it
works like Debian backports archive which should be only considered for
certain packages, not for everything. While a PPA, being usually single-
package, needs to be always considered after being added to sources.list.
I created this repository like it is a PPA initially, but later changed
it to behave like a Debian backports archive, to explicitly mark packages
to install from there using `apt -t' like the above.  I'll change it back.

I didn't know how PPAs work, and haven't realized this is like just another

The thing is just about putting necessary fields into the Release file in
the repository (which is generated automatically by a script).


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