[Samba] Updates wanting to uninstall Samba on member server

Ingo Asche foren at asche-rz.de
Thu Nov 3 20:42:56 UTC 2022

Some times it can be so simple...

I did a "apt autoremove" and then again a "apt update" and a "apt 

Now my server did only upgraded libtalloc2 & libtdb1.

So what teaches us that? Keep your system clean... :-)

Thanks for your help Michael and sorry for the bother...


Michael Tokarev via samba schrieb am 03.11.2022 um 21:34:
> 03.11.2022 23:20, Ingo Asche via samba wrote:
>> Hi Michael,
>> apt upgrade tries also to remove some packages and kept back the 
>> possible updates:
> No, it is not tries to remove them, it says they're no longer needed.
> You can actually remove them by `apt autoremove'.  These are packages
> which you didn't install explicitly, but which were installed as 
> dependencies
> of other packages which either does not require the dependencies anymore,
> or has been removed.  Or if you actually use some of these packages, you
> can run `apt-mark manual $package' to tell apt to keep it.
> /mjt

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