[Samba] Debian Bullseye samba 4.16.1 online (amd64/arm64/armhf/i386)

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Sat May 28 19:48:06 UTC 2022

[Replying to a somewhat old email...]

13.05.2022 12:42, L. van Belle wrote:
> The other part.  Gnome tracker support
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Spotlight_with_Gnome_Tracker_Backend
> in the beginning, when trackers was added, we needed.
>          libtracker-sparql-2.0-dev and libtracker-miner-2.0-dev
> This is one I discussed with Matteu, and he decided that it was pulling in
> to much extra depends.
> so it was desiced not to enable it. Meanwhile, I did have people asking for it.
> So, I enabled it some time ago in my repo packages.
> I reviewed above wiki page again, and noticed libtracker-miner was dropped.
> I do see spotlight enabled, in current builds, only these don't support
> Gnome backends.

It was https://bugs.debian.org/941654 - someone said it is too much to have
glib dependencies on a headless server. I don't see it is a big issue though.

BTW, it is usr/libexec/samba/rpcd_mdssvc binary which is being linked with
libtracker-sparql, so it isn't an optional plugin.

I removed the Build-Conflicts from the debian package now (there's no point
in keeping it there), but haven't enabled it in build-depends.



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