[Samba] winbind on alpine linux

Philippe Clérié pclerie at gmail.com
Thu May 26 12:10:17 UTC 2022


I am trying to set up a domain member file server on a Alpine Linux host. I
just found out that Alpine does not use the Name Service Switch because
*musl* does not. A bit of searching suggested that it could be made to work
by adding a minimal *nsswitch.conf*:

passwd: files winbind
group: files winbind

*wbinfo* will work with or without that file, but not *getent*. I would
have thought that the package *samba-libnss-winbind* provides the necessary
glue but apparently not.

So would it be correct to assume that it's a lost cause? Or is there
another mechanism that would fill the purpose? Or did I simply
miss something (that in retrospect is obvious)?

Thanks in advance

The trouble with common sense is that it is so uncommon.

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