[Samba] Kerberos Authentication Problem with MacOS

Stefan Schäfer ml at fsproductions.de
Tue May 24 12:20:54 UTC 2022

Does no one has any idea?


Am 17.05.22 um 08:54 schrieb Stefan Schäfer via samba:
> Hi List,
> we've just build Samba (version 4.16.1+git.235.f435da606f7) with 
> internal Heimdal Kerberos (version 8pre) for use as AD-DC.
> With Windows clients (joined to domain) everything works fine. Trying to 
> access the samba server (which act as DC and fileserver) with MacOS, 
> authentication fails with some Kerberos problems. Log file attached. 
> MaOS only tells that something went wrong. No further informations (I'm 
> not a MacOS crack)
> Disabling Fast-Support, as mentioned in samba changelog (kdc enable fast 
> = no) didn't change anything.
> I've not tried to join the domain with this MacOS client yet.
> With older Samba versions we had no problems with MacOS.
> Any ideas, what went wrong?
> Stefan


Stefan Schäfer
Vogelsbergstr. 118
63679 Schotten

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