[Samba] builtin groups are not mapped by winbind

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon May 16 08:01:46 UTC 2022

On Fri, 2022-05-13 at 02:14 -0300, Anderson Sampaio Mello via samba
> Hello samba team.
> I have a samba configured as a member server of a samba4 domain. This
> member server is version 4.15.5
> The big problem is that the member server winbind does not generate
> the
> gids for some BUILTIN groups, for example:
> Account Operators
> Server Operators
> Backup Operators
> Print Operators

I wouldn't worry it, that doesn't work for myself on a Unix domain
member, but these do:

sudo wbinfo --name-to-sid="BUILTIN\Account Operators"
S-1-5-32-548 SID_ALIAS (4)

sudo wbinfo --name-to-sid="BUILTIN\Server Operators"
S-1-5-32-549 SID_ALIAS (4)

sudo wbinfo --name-to-sid="BUILTIN\Backup Operators"
S-1-5-32-551 SID_ALIAS (4)

sudo wbinfo --name-to-sid="BUILTIN\Print Operators"
S-1-5-32-550 SID_ALIAS (4)

And in reverse:

sudo wbinfo --sid-to-name=S-1-5-32-548
BUILTIN\account operators 4

sudo wbinfo --sid-to-name=S-1-5-32-549
BUILTIN\server operators 4

sudo wbinfo --sid-to-name=S-1-5-32-551
BUILTIN\backup operators 4

sudo wbinfo --sid-to-name=S-1-5-32-550
BUILTIN\print operators 4

So the code knows who they are. :-)


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