[Samba] What is the Uid in smbstatus command?

Jim Brand JHBRAND at up.com
Wed May 11 13:16:59 UTC 2022

You should remove 'winbind' from the shadow line, it isn't required and can do strange things.
I removed winbind from the shadow line.

You are using the 'rid' idmap backend and this calculates the Unix ID from the RID along with the low range set in smb.conf (in your case '1000'), but any that end up higher than the high range (in your case
'2999999') will be ignored, could this be your problem ?

I don't think so.   wbinfo -n shows RID = 6880, my uid = 3578 which should be in range.

For reference 'smbstatus' on all servers, working or not, CentOS 6 or 7 shows correct user in the
"PID     Username      Group         Machine"

section, but under
"Locked files:"
always shows a number that doesn't seem to correlate to anything.   Is that correct behavior?

Dumb question:  Using 'rid' idmap backend, should files be created with the user's UID that is in AD, or RID + offset?   I would rather use ad backend but I've never gotten that to work reliably except in CentOS 7.

Thanks, jim

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