[Samba] declaring Bind9 DNS servers as slaves when using Samba AD/DC with BIND9_DLZ

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed May 4 13:37:39 UTC 2022

Ah, yeah, forwarding gives a same problem/delays.. 
If you really don’t want delays, we need more. 

A solution then is, if you have the servers for it and don’t do slave setups, 
just add an AD-DC for it. 

Or in windows, under TCP/IP Settings, click "Advanced..." then select the DNS tab. 
There you can add additional DNS servers.

This works but still I don’t like it.. that’s mostly because I have static ip's on most places,
and i don’t want change the pc's all the time. 

So, what I do like is the following.. and we have 2 option.. 

1) use dhcp server and change the ip's there. But its fragile.. you can easy break or miss servers/pc's.

2) best option.. at least the one I like the most. 

4 x AD-DC's, we have the option to use multi-master syncing of the AD-dns.. use it.. 
2 HA ip's  (active-active)  for DNS and these 2 are assigned to windows pc's 

DC 1 - 3 pair 
DC 2 - 4 pair

bit older but good article on keepalived and dns. 

you now can replace servers without anyone knowing.. 
keepalived takes care of handing traffice to the servers running. 



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