[Samba] Best way to get to bottom of odd failures?

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed May 4 13:22:10 UTC 2022

On Wed, 2022-05-04 at 09:30 -0300, frank picabia via samba wrote:
> I have a Debian 11.3, all up to date, running Samba to provide
> shares.
> It authenticates against Windows AD using security=ADS
> smbd -V reports 4.13.13-Debian
> The problems with our shares vary.
> With one user, mounting the share to their Windows system
> produces segfaults on smbd.  They can do small
> transfers, but larger ones, say over 200MB, would fail.
> It seems those transfer failures align with segfaults on smbd.
> I see emails from root with tread debugging info for segfaults in
> smbd.
> With myself, the mount works better.  I can transfer the Debian ISO
> back and forth over it.  However, the progress meter goes to 100%
> then says "an unspecified network error has occurred".  If I click
> Try Again
> the transfer is redone, the file is over written and the second
> attempt is
> perfect.
> If I use smbclient on another Linux system, I see no errors at all.
> I'm thinking, if I submitted a bug report, this isn't going to be
> reproducible.
> Also in many bug reports, people pick apart the config file and
> say there was something wrong with it.  So maybe I should begin
> there?
> The system in question was upgraded from Debian 9 to 10 to 11 and we
> had no issues with the older versions, while using a similar
> configuration.
> Here is what we have from testparam output.  I have replaced our
> domain name
> as "example" or "EXAMPLE".

Try the '[global]' section like this:
        workgroup = EXAMPLE
        realm = AD.EXAMPLE.NET
        security = ADS
        server string = %h server

        bind interfaces only = Yes
        interfaces = eth0
        hosts allow = 111.222.
        dns proxy = No

        winbind use default domain = yes
        winbind expand groups = 2
        winbind refresh tickets = Yes

        idmap config * : backend = tdb
        idmap config * : range = 69998-69999
        idmap config example : backend = rid
        idmap config example : range = 70000-9999999999
        template shell = /bin/bash

        # user Administrator workaround, without it you are unable to
set privileges
        username map = /etc/samba/user.map

        vfs objects = acl_xattr
        map acl inherit = Yes

        # Comment the following 4 lines to act as a print server
        printcap name = /dev/null
        load printers = no
        disable spoolss = yes
        printing = bsd

        # logging
        log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
        logging = file
        max log size = 100

        panic action = /usr/share/samba/panic-action %d

Create /etc/samba/user.map containing this:

!root = EXAMPLE\Administrator

Change the shares to this:

        path = /usr/local/series
        read only = No

        path = /usr/local/www/cms
        read only = No

Then set the permissions from Windows or with setfacl (preferably
Windows), see here for more info:


While Samba shouldn't segfault, this may be a Windows problem.


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