[Samba] sysvol permission errors on newly joined DC

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Mar 21 09:14:37 UTC 2022

On Mon, 2022-03-21 at 08:56 +0000, spindles seven via samba wrote:
> On 21 March 2022 07:50 L. van Belle wrote:
> > Yes
> > 
> > Rsync cant copy the extrended attributes, as far i now.
> > You can test it with : rsync -aX srv/ dst/
> > 
> > 
> > Greetz,
> > 
> > Louis
> > 
> Hi Louis,
> If this is the case why does the WiKi suggest using rsync/unison for
> example to synchronise sysvol?    From the WiKi the command
> uses:    /usr/bin/rsync -XAavz   ... etc    I've been using this and
> it works for me.
> Regards,
> Roy

If you are using rsync with '-XAavz' you are actually doing this:

-X                preserve extended attributes
-A                preserve ACLs (implies -p)
    -p             preserve permissions
-a                archive mode; equals -rlptgoD (no -H,-A,-X)
    -r             recurse into directories
    -l             copy symlinks as symlinks
    -p             preserve permissions
    -t             preserve modification times
    -g             preserve group
    -o             preserve owner (super-user only)
    -D             same as --devices --specials
        --devices               preserve device files (super-user only)
        --specials              preserve special files
-v              increase verbosity
-z              compress file data during the transfer

Note that '-X' preserves Extended Attributes.


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