[Samba] SAMBA4 AD DC and Windows 11

L. van Belle belle at samba.org
Mon Mar 21 07:56:04 UTC 2022


Im 70& on windows 11 now but, dont, thats my advice..   
I suggest you very carefully test everything and test printing first. 
Thats where im encountering problems. 

W11 Type 4 only drivers. 
W10 Type 3 and 4. 

If you upgrade to W10 to W11, yes, your printer drivers will work. 
If you install a clean W11, well. Good luck, if not fixed it yet. 
Same for a new user, but thats a problem with windows itself.
Also, some policies are different. 
My collega did these upgrades while i was away.



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> Onderwerp: [Samba] SAMBA4 AD DC and Windows 11
> Hi,
> With users being pushed ever so close to innocently opting in 
> to windows 11
> on the desktop, I thought I'd look around for some admin 
> experiences with
> migrating an existing live production environment with Samba4 
> AD, Windows
> 10 Pro over to 11. I'm a bit shocked to see that a simple 
> google search of
> windows 11 on samba ad dc turned up no valid information. 
> Surely someone
> here has ventured in already?
> Thanks, Phil
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