[Samba] Windows Server 2019 Domain Controller Compatibility

ralph strebbing blackbirdralph at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 21:17:54 UTC 2022

Hi All,

So I'm looking into some solutions with windows specific integration
applications, and unfortunately it's looking like the one application
we're using (asked in a previous thread), utilized the windows
security audit logs.
So I'm back with some what-ifs and hoping someone has either tried it,
or any of the veterans of this software know how well we can use it. I
need to know if I can join a Windows Server 2019 VM to our existing
Samba Active Directory setup as a domain controller. I need this VM
for nothing but to receive the logs that the other servers may be
getting from things like authentication, etc. So (if I understand what
this is in the first place), a Read Only Domain Controller?

Looking forward to hearing some thoughts on this.


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