[Samba] winbind generates a UID for a group

Kees van Vloten keesvanvloten at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 09:28:05 UTC 2022

On 09-03-2022 10:22, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
> On Wed, 2022-03-09 at 10:10 +0100, Kees van Vloten via samba wrote:
>> Perhaps this (from FAQ)?
>> Do Samba AD DCs Support Replication?
>>       Everything stored inside the AD, is replicated between DCs. For
>> example: users, groups, and DNS records.
>>       In the current state, Samba does not support the distributed
>> file
>> system replication (DFS-R) protocol used for Sysvol replication. To
>> work
>> around, see Sysvol Replication (DFS-R).
>> I understand from this that idmap.ldb gets synced / replicated
>> between
>> DCs, meaning I will NOT get different IDs on different DC's. Correct?
> You understand incorrectly, idmap.ldb is not inside AD and is not
> synced automatically.
> Rowland
That means that when I am syncing sysvol, files can end up with a 
different ownership on the remote side, correct?
I am using the osync workaround. Do you  advice to setup a second sync 
config to sync idmap.ldb specifically or are there more files not 
covered by the default AD replication?

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