[Samba] Multichannel and RSS Not Detected

Chris Dos chris at chrisdos.com
Sat Jun 25 15:55:13 UTC 2022

Upgrading to the Debian 5.16 did not help.  I did not try the  aio_pthread as
they said it would not work.

It's strange Samba is not debugging why Multi Channel is not working.  Only
thing I see in the logs is that the option is enabled:
server multi channel support = yes
Is there any kind of logging options that I'm missing that will provide me
with what is going on?


On 6/21/22 06:58, L. van Belle via samba wrote:
> At first, multi-channel ist only available if two hosts (e.g. server and client) are 
> Interconnected with more then one NIC and all interfaces provides the same network speed. 
> For example, to can use a server with 4x 1Gbps NICs and a client with 2x 1Gbps 
> NICs connected to a switch (only two NICs will be used for multi-channel), 
> but you can’t use a 100Mbps NIC + 1Gbps NIC for the client. 
> Windows only uses NICs with the same speed for multi-channel!
> Check if you get kernel 5.16+  
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/LinuxCIFSKernel 
> multiple improvements on multichannel code. 
> And try adding VFS_object aio_pthread
> Try with and without the bind interfaces lines. 
> only things I can think of now. 
> hope this helps, 
> Greetz, 
> Louis

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