[Samba] Azure AD Sync not working

Arthur Toussaint arthur.toussaint at wandercraft.eu
Fri Jun 24 08:13:25 UTC 2022

I've updated the azure AD connect client and now have some logs in the event viewer : 
Password hash synchronization failed for domain: samdom.contoso.com, domain controller hostname: ad1.samdom.contoso.com, domain controller IP address: X.X.X.X. Details: 
Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.DirectoryReplicationServices.DrsException: RPC Error 8420 : The naming context could not be found. There was an error calling _IDL_DRSGetNCChanges. 
at Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.DirectoryReplicationServices.DrsRpcConnection.OnReplicateSingleObject(DsName directoryName) 
at Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.DirectoryReplicationServices.DrsConnection.ReplicateSingleObject(Guid objectGuid, String distinguishedName) 
at Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.PasswordSynchronizationTask.<>c__DisplayClass55_0.<BuildPasswordBatch>b__1(IDrsConnection c) 
at Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.RetryUtility.ExecuteWithRetry[T](Func`1 operation, Func`1 shouldAbort, RetryPolicyHandler retryPolicy) 
at Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.PasswordSynchronizationTask.BuildPasswordBatch(IEnumerable`1 changeObjects, IList`1& passwordChanges, IList`1& retryObjects) 
at Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.PasswordSynchronizationTask.BuildPasswordBatch(IList`1 changeSetObjects) 
at Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.DeltaSynchronizationTask.SynchronizeCredentialsToCloud() 
at Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.PasswordSynchronizationTask.SynchronizeSecrets() 
at Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.SynchronizationExecutionContext.SynchronizeDomain() 
at Microsoft.Online.PasswordSynchronization.SynchronizationManager.SynchronizeDomain(SynchronizationExecutionContext syncExecutionContext) 

It seems there are some other people who have the RPC Error 8420, but I don't see any solutions, is there anyone who already had this issue ? 
Thanks a lot 

De: "arthur toussaint" <arthur.toussaint at wandercraft.eu> 
À: "samba" <samba at lists.samba.org> 
Envoyé: Jeudi 23 Juin 2022 11:03:00 
Objet: Azure AD Sync not working 


I'm trying to sync my local samba AD to azure AD, but I'm running into an issue with password hash synchronization. 
The users sync task works well,but the password hash sync task is always marked "Active" on the interface but never finishes 
I'm following this guide : [ https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Azure_AD_Sync | https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Azure_AD_Sync ] with samba 4.13.13 
Does someone have any pointers on where and what to do to diagnose the issue, I'm not seeing any logs 
Also, I'm not sure anyone has managed to sync passwords, so even a "Password sync works for me" answer would be a huge help. 

Thanks a lot 

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